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Time to get Crafty and Upcycle


Unexpected time at home has created a desire in some to be a little creative, or do a bit of upcycling and give new life to existing items.

Now the rain has brought everyone indoors, we've put together a few ideas using small amounts of our paint that you may have left over from a previous project, or even just the washed out sample pot. We'd love to see your ideas and creative exploits that are getting you through lockdown! 

Toy garage made from box and natural paint
Counting stones painted in Edward Bulmer Natural Paint
Pencils painted in a mixture of colours  Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

If you need to entertain younger children, you could make a toy garage, using a wooden or sturdy box and empty loo rolls. First paint the box in whichever of our colours you have left over - it can be just one or as many as you have.  Spread some glue onto each loo roll as you slot it in. Keep adding, gluing and slotting until you achieve a snug fit. Top with placard saying your child's name. Alternatively, cut the rolls in half and use a shallower box. It makes a great space to keep and display treasured finds. This toy garage is painted in Roger from the Nursery Collection.

Preschool aged children may be needing a new activity to keep them occupied and assist their learning through play. Stones look wonderful painted with  natural paint. Paint on some numbers and some additional pebbles to match. Can they match the quantities?  These stones are painted in Patent Yellow, Kitty and Garter Blue

For a simple and entertaining project paint some pencils. Gather together some old pencils and let your children paint them the colours they choose. The home school desk will look more inviting. Add a name and stop the arguments over whose pencil is who's! The pencils shown here are painted in all the colours of the Nursery Collection

White lamp ready to be decorated
Lamp painted in Garter Blue from Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

Do you have something in the house that's tired and in need of a lift? This old white china lamp was looking scuffed and marked and crying out to be upcycled. With a good wipe and less than half a sample pot of Garter Blue emulsion it has been transformed. One coat was sufficient to create the desired effect.  The matt, soft finish that the natural paint creates brings added elegance. It now offers a much needed splash of colour to what was a dull corner of the room. 

Homemade jars of strawberry jam
Flowers in upcycled flower vases
Paint sample jars upcycled to use as candles

If you have finished all your paint and only have glass sample pot jars left, there is still plenty of use for them. They make wonderful flower vases for smaller flowers, and even prettier when grouping more than one together.  

The jars are the perfect size for individual pots of jam or marmalade. Scones served with cream, a mini pot of jam and a lovely cup of tea... something to raise a smile on a rainy day.

They can even be turned into candles. If, like us, you can't bear to jettison things, and have some almost finished candles stashed away, here is the solution. Melt the wax scented candles and pour into one of our sample pot jars. Add a wick and wait to set. Light and enjoy. 

We hope these ideas inspire and have just brightened up your inbox. We love to see how our customers decorate their homes, so please send us pictures to brighten our inbox too. 

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Posted: April 2020

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