The Edward Bulmer Natural Paint archived colours are simply colours we have retired from the main collection, to allow for new more usable colours to be introduced. Our archived colours are still beautiful, natural and timeless, so if you have your heart set on one of them just call us.

An integral part of our brand vision is to be constantly evolving, adapting and changing in line with what best reflects our ethos and brand values. So updating and archiving colours is part of this journey. There is both a science and art to colour, Edward believes choosing colours has become even harder and there is simply too much choice these days. With this in mind, Edward has created a collection of colours without duplication that gives you the opportunity to create balance and tonal harmony. Each and every colour in our collection has its place, all have absolute relevance and resonance. We are sure that there are similar and equally lovely alternatives to these colours in our Natural Collection.

How to Buy: If you have a project that is desperately calling out for these archived colours then please call us on 01544388535 or email and speak to one of our sales representatives who can help with your enquiry.