The Nursery Collection | Edward Bulmer Paint

Introducing our new Nursery Collection

Edward Bulmer is a pioneering creator of perfect colours using truly natural paint.  Drawing on years of experience as an interior designer, (being a Daddy!) and inspired by nature,  he has now created twelve beautiful new colours for children.  The collection is fun yet classic and adaptable enough to last throughout childhood.  

Edward Bulmer Natural Paints are the safe and beautiful choice for decorating your children's rooms.  Our paint is unique.  It is made from naturally occurring ingredients. This means no petro-chemicals, no harmful VOCs, no plastic and no toxins, which in turn means minimal smell (almost odourless) so paint that doesn't cause headaches or allergic reactions and you can sleep in the room the same day as painting it.

Our natural paint gives excellent coverage in just two coats, making it quick and easy to apply.  Yet it is as tough as synthetic colours so you can wipe it clean.  Natural paint allows for your room to breathe, it will not trap in moisture or mould, so you can paint your child's room with confidence and peace of mind.

We really believe that our paint is the most natural paint on the market. You can sleep soundly, knowing it is healthy for you, your children and our planet. Just to prove it, we are are happy to declare all our ingredients on the website so you can have complete peace of mind that this paint is safe.  A paint for modern living with none of the nasties.

Why Our Paint?


Our paint is made from entirely natural ingredients of either plant origin (such as linseed oil), or minerals (such as chalk). Mostly it is water!  We declare every single ingredient in our paint, source it ethically and explain its origins.


Most paint companies define paint as eco-friendly if it’s water-based. Ours is not only water-based, but carbon neutral and the binders are made from renewable raw materials. Edward Bulmer chaired one of the UK’s most forward-thinking foundations on sustainable living.  We don't just use recycled packaging, sustainability is part of our paint's DNA.


Because our paint is natural, it is completely free of the nasty chemicals, toxins and harmful VOCs present in most modern paint. This means Edward Bulmer natural paint doesn’t cause headaches or allergic reactions and it reduces indoor air pollution. We are always ready to help with the growing number of people who have chelical sensitives and modern allergies. We give you the facts so you can make the right choice for your family.


Our paint is tough, colourfast and wipeable. Remember though, some colours are more durable than others!


Edward has designed all his colours using only 12 natural pigments which have been used by artists for centuries.  These pigments create soft, living colours, even in the strongest shades, which react to light in a unqiue way.  They have the gentlest, matt finish to soothe your space.


Twelve stunning soothing colours

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