Painting Interior Woodwork | Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

The surface must be dry, clean, solid and coatable. Existing coatings that are non-recoatable or unstable should be completely removed by sanding or stripping. Grey or spongy wood should be sanded down to the level of the pitting. Bleeding knots on bare wood should be pre-treated with knotting solution. Suitable wood fillers should be applied before application of any paint products.

Water based Eggshell


Raw wood may be primed with a diluted coat of the top coat paint.  Dilute with water up to 20%. Allow to dry thoroughly and sand lightly before applying at least two coats of the Water based Eggshell, sand lightly between coats for best results (this is also a test to whether the surface is dry enough for the next coat).

Previously painted wood should be sanded thoroughly to provide a good key and then painted with at least two coats of Water based Eggshell. 

For composite wood materials (such as chipboard, MDF or OSB etc), woods with high levels of tannin like oak or chestnut, woods with high levels of  oils or resins, such as some tropical species, larch or red cedar or pressure treated wood, you must use our Water based Eggshell Primer followed by at least two coats of Water based Eggshell, sand lightly between coats for best results. 



Thoroughly stir and apply 2 coats evenly working in the direction of the grain, using a synthetic or mixed-fibre brush or fine-pored/short pile roller. May be thinned if necessary with up to 20% water. Sand lightly and remove dust between coats. 

Also suitable for spraying but please consult our technical sheets for precise instructions.


Touch dry after approximately 2 hours, recoatable after 6 hours. Handle with care until completely dry and protect from dust.

Too thick application, high humidity and low temperatures significantly delay the drying process. Drying is a process of oxygen uptake, ensure good ventilation during the drying period. 

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