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We can provide you the full range of samples to make the colour choice easy.

Sample Pots

We remain firm believers in the virtues of the sample pot.  Please do not rely on colours on the computer screen.   A colour choice can be an expensive choice and so we want you to be confident before you buy.  You will also see how thick and creamy our paint is and with no smell. To be sure that our sample pots do not have an environmental impact we have selected packaging and raw materials that are all recycled and/or biodegradable. 

Sample pots are available in all the shades of our paints which you can order on line, order the original colour and put the shade % in the comments box on the delivery page.

Hand Painted Fan Deck 

Everyone loves our fan deck - the perfect form for a design professional or keen amatuer.  The fan deck is a block of 2 x 5 inch cards painted in every colour, with unqiue colour description and historic colour key. The fan deck is a great form to see two, five or eight colours 'fanned out' together.

A5 Colour Cards (currently unavailable)

These come in all our colours to help you narrow down the choice.  We have not found an eco sticky patch yet, so we still use Bluetac!  Our lighter shades are not yet available in A5 colour cards.

Colour Box of A5 Colour Cards

The colour box is loved by design professionals who are putting together schemes for their clients.  Each card is hand painted in our natural paints and on the back we give a description of each colour and a historical key outlining which colour is suitable for each era of architecture.  We put this in a beautiful linen box with the concertina colour card plus technical sheets for each of our finishes. We hope that you will find this is a useful tool in designing amazing interiors!

Free Concertina Colour Chart

We use our natural paints to produce these charts so you have an accurate representation of colour.  

Order a Hand Painted a5 colour box Order a Hand Painted colour block 

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