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Colours that Work – Discover timeless, living, breathing colours that work.

At Edward Bulmer Natural Paint we have designed the best range of natural paint colours available today because they work. We can say this because we are interior designers who need the colour and finish of the paint to do exactly the right thing in our interior schemes.

Interior design is about creating an atmosphere in our homes and we want this to be comforting, safe and beautiful. So we have mixed colours that give tonal harmony to make the best backdrops for fabrics and furnishings. Our paint has a living finish, that is why it is not dead to the eye like acrylic paints which just form a film over a surface.

So we are confident that we have designed a collection of colours which we know will work for you. We have chosen not just the colours but the palette... allowing you to have the confidence to transform your home from the inside. No synthetic paint range can give you this reassurance.

The Revival of Natural Colour

To create beautiful colours you need to use natural pigments. We mix our paints simply using the twelve natural earth and mineral pigments which have been used by artists for centuries, yet we can achieve the vivid boldness of Vert de Mer or Rose alongside the calm, comforting feel of the earth pigments in Granite Green or Clay.

We are confident these pigments are all we need to bring the richest hues to our colour palette. By using natural pigments we achieve a constantly varied colour palette but one that has complete tonal harmony.

Our promise to you is to continue to create such beautiful colours which protect your home and care for the environment. All we ask of you is to join our revival and experience colours, light and texture like never before.

Tonality – it is not just about the colour ...

Our exquisite range of 85 colours is unique because we only use natural pigments to create our colours. Packed with pigment our paint offers a patina alive with pure colour and because they all come from the same natural sources, our colours are all in perfect harmony with each other. No synthetic paint range can give you this reassurance.

We hope that you too will feel inspired when it comes to decorating your home, both naturally and beautifully.

We choose the best ingredients, the finest pigments... and you can be reassured we have the experience.

Edward says:

“As paint is such a major part of any successful interiors project, whether one room or a whole house, the colour and finish are of paramount importance. So much ‘plastic’ paint seems lifeless or too dense. The discovery of the soft, light conjuring surface of the natural emulsion, or the perfect sheen of the linseed oil eggshell, was a revelation. When mixing with natural pigments it is impossible to make a nasty colour.”

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