Painting Interior Walls & Ceilings | Edward Bulmer Nautral Paint

The surface must be clean, grease-free, dry, sound and free from staining substances. Previously painted surfaces should be rubbed down and washed with water. Glossy surfaces should be rubbed down with sandpaper. Carefully reseal wallpaper seams and remove paste residues

Fill all holes, cracks and imperfections with a suitable filler before any paint products are applied. Choice of filler should be based on compatibility with the surface to be filled and with our paints. Any and all sanding should be completed, and all dust removed, before starting painting. Where a significant proportion of the surface to be painted has been filled consider applying lining paper to provide a smooth and homogenous substrate to accept paint.


No need to prime previously painted surfaces.

For absorbent surfaces such as fresh plaster, unpainted lining paper, surfaces with extensive areas of filler or surfaces of widely varying absorption (such as surfaces composed of a range of materials) apply one coat of Plaster Primer diluted 1:1 with water. 


Stir the paint thoroughly. Apply Emulsion by brush, roller, or airless spray equipment. The paint may be thinned, if necessary, with up to 10% water. Recoat only when the previous coat is thoroughly dry after 4-6 hrs. Good ventilation improves drying times. Only two coats of Emulsion are required, however, should one coat provide the desired result then the second coat may be omitted. Please don’t hesitate to  contact us with any questions. 

NB: ALWAYS WORK TO A WET EDGE, including cutting-in which should not be carried out in advance. When using a roller to apply the paint, use a small roller over the brushed cutting-in to achieve a more even finish.

You can use a spray gun too, please consult our technical sheets for precise instructions.


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