Paint with a Conscience | Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

Colour makes us feel happy but natural colour makes us feel safe too.

We believe in painting with a conscience:   Edward Bulmer Natural Paint is one of the very few paint ranges which takes ‘eco-­friendly’ to mean more than just being water-based. Our eco friendly paints are born out of our commitment to the environment. Beware of companies calling their products ‘green’ and ‘eco’.  Get a full list of ingredients from them and prove it!

When is ‘Eco’ different? ­

Many companies branded as 'green' or 'eco' have made steps towards being more environmentally friendly but at Edward Bulmer Natural Paint accountable sustainability is in our DNA.

Edward is an active eco campaigner, hosting an annual Spring Greens Fair at his HQ in Herefordshire and chairing one of the UK's most forward thinking foundations on sustainable living. He is passionate about making our living spaces healthier for us, our buildings and our environment. For the past 10 years he has been working with specialist paint manufacturers to develop beautiful coloured paints which are both safer and healthier by returning to non toxic paint formulations. Both mainstream and premium plastic (acrylic) paints are largely made from petro chemicals derived from refined crude oil.

When you chose Edward Bulmer Natural Paint you are getting an unrivalled range of eco friendly paint created by someone who through his experience knows more about colour, buildings and design than most.  His concern for the environment is because he wants his children to live on this amazing planet too! 

Our Ingredients – the full declaration

We say - always ask for a full declaration of ingredients before buying. Any reputable company should provide a full list plus description of ingredients and where they are sourced.  You can reference our list of synthetic ingredients if you want to understand them.

Kind to people

When you decide to use our natural paint, you are making more than a colour choice, a paint choice, a fashion choice or even a lifestyle choice – you too are choosing to make a difference.

Natural paints are made from raw materials such as plant extracts, chalk, earth minerals and linseed. They are non toxic and where possible have full organic or equivalent certification. We believe our paint helps to create a healthy atmosphere in your home, free of chemicals which can cause allergies, sleeping disorders and no doubt many other health issues not yet identified.

Kind to Buildings

Our paints are breathable so moisture and mould is not trapped in surfaces. It is also important that a building can breathe to expel toxic fumes.

Kind to the Environment

Above all we have a light touch on the planet. Our base paint manufacturer is COneutral. The production process does not create vast quantities of toxic waste. Every ton of synthetic paint creates 30 tonnes of toxic waste.

Our paints are not only inspired and created by nature, but they are backed up by careful research and centuries of  proven performance. When you decide to buy our paints you are getting more than just a beautiful finish, you are getting passion and knowledge from one of this country’s leading interior designers."

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