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Our paints are made with love and care.

We are not a huge factory making paint for a number of different brands, we are an artisan business and every tin is mixed and made up at our Herefordshire HQ.  We have extremely high standards to make sure that we guarantee colour consistency and every batch is faithfully recorded.  Our paint mixers have an expert eye for colour, learnt from year's of experience. It is priority to make sure that every tin is as good as the last..... 

We have developed a computer based method to measure the density of our pigments so that we can guarantee a colour match time and time again.  This is a highly skilled process when using natural pigments, whose density will vary from batch to batch, but we have not resorted to the use of synthetic dyes as used by the majority of acrylic paint manufacturers, as we know that natural pigment will give you a breath of colour which is impossible to replicate with synethtic alternatives. 

Eco Friendly Natural Paint

To make truly eco friendly paints we believe you need to use renewable raw materials, create the lowest possible carbon footprint - positive if possible and adopt the highest standard of ethical trading, with particular reference to modern anti slavery policies and traceabiliy of raw materials.  Don't be fooled by 'eco' labels.  Non-renewable petrochemicals are the basis of many paints most commonly used nowadays.  Just because a paint is 'water-based' does not mean that it is manufactured in a sustainble way.  We like to know what is in the food we eat and likewise we should be told what is in the air we breathe in the painted environment.  Very, very few paint companies publish a list of what comprises their paint - we wonder why?  Edward Bulmer Natural Paint is unique in that we declare all our ingredients.

Our natural paint is made with traditional formulations that have been adapted to produce paint for modern day use. We do not generate net CO2 emissions in the process as we use abundant minerals or renewable raw materials. The types of renewable raw materials we use are of:

  • Plant origin, such as Damar resin and linseed oil
  • Animal origin, such as beeswax, milk casein and shellac 
  • Mineral origin, such as chalk, earth and mineral pigments

Any CO2 that is generated in manufacture is counterbalanced by the absorption of CO2 by the plant sources we have used for our ingredients.  In addition, all our raw materials are all responsibility sourced and almost all are organic. So we are a Carbon Neutral Paint!   Despite this, we are committed to constantly improving our footprint.


We do not generate dangerous waste in our process and everything we use can be recycled.  At our HQ we work hard to generate as little waste as possible in the production process. The paints themselves are odourless and have just fresh, clean smells derived from nature.  We donate unwanted paint to good causes, local and national charities.  All our metal tins are recycled, plastic buckets are offered free to local people to feed their horses or grow tomatoes in.  We use recycled paper and products in the office.

Water Recycling

We have a reed bed which is a natural process of cleansing waste water by passing it through a mixture of reeds.  This is good for biodiversity being situated in a place where insects are happy live and providing habitat for a range of creatures like voles, mice and otters. 

Renewable Electricity

We have been with Ecotricity for years!  The office is run on renewable energy as we also generates a surplus of electricity from our little PV array which is sold back to the grid.

Declarion of Ingredients

At Edward Bulmer Natural Paint we provide you with an honest and full declaration of ALL our ingredients.  We can even tell you precisely how they are produced and from what country they are sourced. Read the full list of ingredients.

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