Health Benefits of Natural Paint | Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

Our mission is to produce exquisite natural paints which are healthy and help you to protect your family or workforce from chemically induced ailments. 

Rid your Home of Harmful Chemicals

As we use more and more chemicals in our daily life the human body is reacting against the side effects.  

The passive inhalation of unseen fumes from synthetic products means that ‘standard’ petrochemical products have become prime suspects in the rise of unexplained allergies, ME, asthma, eczema and other ailments. 75% of internal surfaces are covered in applied coatings and as we now spend almost 80% of our time indoors, internal pollution is considered a serious threat to human health and one of the likely causes of the explosion in the incidence of allergies.  Listing chemicals on all packaging should be a minimum requirement. If it is not the maker’s responsibility, then whose is it?

If it is not on the tin, then why not?  

In the same way that we nourish our bodies with healthy food, now is the time to nourish our homes with healthy natural paint!

We are proud to declare everything at Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

At Edward Bulmer Natural Paint we provide you with an honest declaration of ALL our ingredients.  We can even tell you precisely how they are produced and from what country they are sourced. Our paint is made from naturally occurring raw materials of plant origin like linseed oil, or from mineral raw materials such as chalk, earth and mineral pigments. We do not use dangerous solvents, pesticides, herbicides or toxins.

Our non-toxic paints are your ‘health insurance’ and this is why we are happy to give you a full and honest list of their ingredients.

Attention all Allergy Sufferers

We do not claim that that our paint is 100% suitable for all allergy suffers, that would be irresponsible.  However a few simple facts give us the confidence to know that our paint is most probably better than any synthetic product:

We use mostly water.  We use naturally occuring ingredients which are not alien to the human immune system, so they are less likely to irritate or distress the human body.  We tell you precisely what is in it. 

Water-based Paint

Just because it is 'water-based' it does not mean that a paint is either eco-friendly or healthy.  We take this one step further, by far the main ingredient (up to 50%) in our wall paint is pure, soft water, sourced from the mountain ranges of Germany.

VOCs Myth or Marketing Tool?

Low VOCs in paint is the law, it should not be a marketing claim.  We say don’t always believe what you read. There is no such things as no VOCs, you create VOCs when you fry bacon and eggs! The VOC rating for our emulsion is less than 0.2% and that is amongst the lowest VOC rating of any paint sold in the world.  There is no such thing as VOC FREE paint.

Edward says:

“A World Health Organisation report has advised that painters were 40% more likely to contract lung cancer.  When i read this, I was brought up short. As an interior designer I just did not want to feel that my choices could lead to long term health implications for my painters or give rise to asthma or other health problems for my clients. I began to see that using natural paints with declared ingredients was an easy way to reduce the risks. As time goes on the REACH regulations will flush out more of the dangerous chemicals used in paint making, but meanwhile we have tried to give information to help more informed choices to be made when it comes to selecting or specifying paints.”

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