Exceptional Quality Natural Paint | Edward Bulmer Paint

A breakthrough in the evolution of natural paint.

Top Spec

Our paints are optimised for performance in a modern world. Our colours are durable, colourfast and washable.

We are leading the way in producing a truly eco friendly and completely natural designer paint range which is as easy to use as standard ‘plastic’ paint and is available in a range of finishes to suit your taste and needs.

Our emulsion is easily applied in just two coats, with fantastic coverage over any surface.


Paint not plastic – let your walls breathe.

Our paint is microporous which means it lets walls and woodwork breathe naturally. It does not form a plastic film which traps in moisture and mould. Owners of heritage and listed buildings understand the importance of breathable paints on old substrates but this is just as important for modern buildings.

Don’t trap moisture in your walls.­ Experience the beauty of natural colours. Living, breathing colours.

Finish and Effect

Let the light in and discover colours alive with pure natural pigments with an extraordinary depth and response to light which synthetic paints just cannot recreate. The effect of our paint is as remarkable in ultra­modern interiors as in a Georgian stately home and just as obvious in the neutral shades as in the bright, strong colours.

The knowledge and pure passion that has led Edward to create colours which convey such depth and light is unrivalled.

The matt chalky finish of our natural paints has both exceptional depth and a subtle, mutable response to light, which dull synthetic paints cannot mimic.

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