Hand Painted A5 Colour Box - (Temporarily unavailable) | Edward Bulmer Paint

Hand Painted A5 Colour Box - (Temporarily unavailable)

The colour box is aimed at design professionals who are putting together schemes for clients. The A5 sheets can be used on site alongside fabrics and furnishings to achieve the best possible interior design scheme for your client. We have hand painted all our 102 colours on A5 sheets, with a summary fact sheet of our products to answer all your questions, put together in a gorgeous linen bound box. On the back of each sheet is a description of each colour and also a historical key outlining which colour is suitable for each era of architecture. We hope that you will find this is a useful tool in designing amazing interiors! We have chosen Russet linen for this edition which should be easy to pick out on your bookshelf.

Sorry, this product is not available at the moment.