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At Edward Bulmer Paints we provide you with an honest declaration of ALL our ingredients. We can even tell you precisely how they are produced and from what country they are sourced.

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Alkaline Solution

A solution of ammonia in water, used for making water-dilutable resins, waxes and oil soaps, so-called ammonia soaps. Sourced : Europe 

Barite (Baryte)

A naturally occurring white mineral which is used to improve the opacity and thickness of paint.

Castor Oil

An oil extracted from the seeds of the subtropical Castor Oil Tree (Ricinus communalis) and boiled to produce a stand oil with natural drying properties. Also known as Turkey Red Oil.


A naturally occuring starch extracted from wood pulp from managed European forests. Used as an emulsifier and thickening agent in our natural paints. Sourced : Europe 


A soft, white, porous sedimentary rock composed of the mineral calcite (calcium carbonate) and sourced from Germany. Chalk is added to our natural paint as a finely ground bright white powder and is a valuable filler and extender.


Minerals naturally formed by weathering of rocks rich in alumininium and silica. Our natural paints use china clay (or kaolin) and bentonite, which is a clay with exeptional swelling properties. These fillers help to thicken the paint and keep pigments in suspension.  Sourced : Germany 


This is a unique, innovative binding agent that is avaialbe exclusivley for AURO in the present biogenic quality. It is made from plant acohol esters of prines and castor plants, with a small remainder of fossil monomers. Decovery is subject to continuous further developement. With each step of development, the share of fossil components will be reduced until they are completely replaced by biogenic ones. The scientific innovation is not matched by any other paint on the market. 

Linseed Oil

Flax or Linseed (Linum usitatissumum) is widely grown throughout Europe and much of the linseed oil used in our paints comes from certified organic cultivation. The oil is extracted by cold and warm pressing before being boiled to produce drying oil. In our paints linseed stand oil is a valuable binder component which provides high elasticity.


A naturally occuring silicate mineral used in our paint as a high quality filler and extender.


We use a combination of 12 Natural Pigments to create our colours: Flake White , Chrome Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Red Lead, Red Ochre, Vermillion, Violet Carmine, Prussian Blue, Ultramarine, Verditer, Viridian and Lamp Black 

Potassium Silicate

This is a finely dispersed solution of silicates, silicic acids in water which is produced by melting quartz sand and potash. Used as binding agent in paints and to minimize the cloudiness of juices and wines.  Sourced : Europe 


This is a Biogenic Binder which consists of a plant alcohol ester with organic acids which means our natural paints are easy to apply, hardwearing and durable, yet retain highly vapour permeable (breathable) properties. This innovative binding agent is legally protected and production methods are not disclosed here.  Sourced : Germany 


Mineral fillers based on silicone oxides. Examples for naturally occurring silicates are mica, clay minerals or quartz (silicium dioxide). One of the most abundant minerals on the planet, finely ground silica is used extensively in paints as a filler. It increases the bulk of paint and helps produce a tougher finish as well as helping to keep pigments in suspension. Sourced : Germany 

Silicic Acid

Finely dispersed silicic acids without crystaline (quartz) structure made from quarts sand and lime by flame hydrolysis. Used as matting filler or as filter agent and binder additive in silicic brines.  Sourced : Germany 

Sodium Pyrithione

This is an organic compound that contains sulphur and nitrogen. They are used as preserving agents in cleaners, paints, cosmetics and more.  Sourced : Europe 


These important ingredients keep oils in suspension and improve the workability of natural paint. They are also used in the processing of resin-binders in our water-based eggshell. We make surfactants from vegetable oils (rapeseed and castor oil) and plant materials high in sugar. Sourced : Germany and Asia 


A natural silicate mineral sourced from Europe. Talc has important properties, it both thickens paint and increases its opacity.


Organic Compounds (a mixture of benzisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone) that contain sulphur and nitrogen. They are used as preserving agents in paints.  Sourced : Europe

Titanium dioxide

Highly opaque, non-toxic white pigment universally used in paints and lacquers (and many other products including toothpaste). Refined from natural minerals (e.g. rutile) in an acid-free process, it nontheless has a significant ecological impact. Sourced : Europe and Asia 


The primary diluent for the majority of our natural paints. Sourced : Harz Mountains, Germany 

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