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Syon House interiors


Much has been written about this house mainly for its importance in the oeuvre of Robert Adam. He would not have had the opportunity to do such work had his client the Duke of Northumberland not briefed him in 1762 to reform his large Elizabethan house into a place of modern convenience and fashionable décor. He recorded his own thoughts on his accomplishment in every volume of his self-publicising manifesto ‘The Works…” This can claim to have been his greatest work, his signature piece – see it  as John Fowler’s Clandon Park, David Hick’s Barons Court, David Mlinaric’s Spencer House, Robert Kime’s South Wraxall Manor!

Robert Adam was more Nicky Haslam than David Mlinaric though, he studied the past then created his own vision of the future. Flamboyant but scholarly, creative but fundamentally, rule-bound. This has to be one of the best examples of a client with un-limiting funds meeting a designer with unfettered imagination.

The house is not used by the family now as it once was, but its role as a place of entertainment and celebration continues in a continuous programme of events and weddings.

To this can now be added education and training, as Lady Caroline Percy has established a series of Historic Decoration Study Days to explore the genesis of period design and all the ways in which it can still be used today in scholarly, but most importantly, in down to earth practical terms.

The next Study Day is with Edward this Monday, followed by Stephen Calloway on Friday 20th October










Posted: September 2017