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Spring in a Tin!

Colour is the backdrop to all our lives.  It affects our moods, what we wear and what we eat.  In our homes it can play the starring role, on our walls, curtains and furniture, which express who we are and how we want to live.  Above all it is individual and the way we all use colour is unique.  All the different tones and contrasts are fascinating and life enhancing. It seems that we are all becoming bolder and using colour more confidently which is a joy, as we love colour.

Spring!  From the overcast and damp, we feel the Spring in our minds and bodies so a good time to take a leap forward.   Over the years, we have blogged, sent newsletters, published articles and latterly fallen in love with Instagram to share our photos, so we thought we would combine all of these in The Colour Supplement.  A monthly collection of snapshots on colour, how to choose it, how to use it and how to love it.

For our first issue we have focused on Edward himself, giving you a little insight into his favourite colours and some of his thoughts on life generally, see Edward's interview. We show you our projects and we share our experiences, with tips and a bit of knowledge.  

Going forward, we intend The Colour Supplement to inspire and inform you. It will be full of design tips, practical advice and pictures of the beautiful homes and interiors. We will introduce you to other creators who use colour, so do sign up for The Colour Supplement and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter and we will make it interesting and worthwile for you.

Let us know what you think at #perfectcolour #therevivalofnaturalcolour so we can share in #makingcolour!

Posted:  May 2016

Posted: February 2016

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