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People with Passion

Interview with Edward Bulmer

Q1) Edward, having worked in some of the UK's most amazing houses and buildings, could you tell us your favourites and why?
My current favourite house is Goodwood. It embodies a dynamic mix of the conservation of past glories with a creative and stylish approach to how houses can be made better and better. My favourite building here is our old Dutch barn. It is over 130 year's old and still standing (just) 100 x 25 metres, so a rare survival of a bygone age of farming from which we could still learn many lessons.

Q2) What has been the best design advice you have been given?
To do your homework about the building and to understand exactly how your clients will use a building to ensure you create a comfortable, beautiful and practical home.

Q3) And the best advice you could give to anyone embarking on their own redecoration project?
Consider what you already have (a picture, an old feature, a rug...) and build your colour palette to harmonise with these elements, being careful to create a tonal palette from space to space and most of all have fun with it! 

Q4) What is your favourite paint colour?
Green. Glorious Green! It has so many tones depending on the pigments you start with. It has to be made with two primary colours, but depending on which yellow or blue you choose gives you a wide range of tonalities.

As long ago as 1810 Goethe recognised that Green is the colour that gives the greatest balance and harmony and therefore appealed to more people than any other.  That is still true today. I find it the most adaptable and useful of all the colours, helping to bring nature indoors.

Q5) You have no doubt taken great inspiration from many countries and cultures, where are your favourite places?
My home county of Herefordshire and Tamil Nadu, an amazingly colourful, southern Indian state

Q6) Edward, with so many premium paints on the market, what inspired you to create and launch your own range of natural paints?
'Premium' should mean that you are paying for something superior to the general run of products on the market. There were no paints that genuinely offered this is my opinion. Our colours are beautiful, but that is not enough - to be premium, the ingredients have to be special, so we use plant oils not plastic, which is how modern (acrylic) paints are made. More than that we make our colours using earth and mineral pigments which is no longer done by any other premium paint maker. The difference is completely worth it!

Q7) What would you be doing if you weren't doing this?
Gardening.  But to be honest, the quest to create a successful business that is socially and environmentally responsible is what I most want to.

Q8) Can you name someone who has inspired you and who you wish you could have lunch with?
Thom Hartmann - who wrote 'The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight', a history of mankind with a vision for the future

Terry Warner - who founded the Arbinger Institute and discovered the secret of human relationships

Jane Austen - to lighten the mood with her wry observations!

Q9) Where would you take them?
Into my kitchen so we could chat as we prepare the meal together.

Q10) Finally, top 3 desert island tracks on your playlist?
Ich folge dich - JS Bach, St John Passion...(sung to Emma in my mind),

Life on Mars - David Bowie... now and always

Imagine - John Lennon...because I never stop doing so....


Posted: April 2016