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Our top tips for a healthy Christmas & New Year

The Gift of Time at Thyme 

If you haven't yet been to Thyme you are in for a complete treat. Thyme is an enclosed collection of restored historic buildings which form a peaceful hamlet environment, a ‘village within a village'. A sustainable ethos is rooted in the kitchen garden & farm, ensuring a gentle footprint in the local and global landscape. Here you will find a Cotswold county estate comprising of; a boutique hotel, cottages, restaurant, cookery school, and spa. 

The ideal gift for the person in your life that has everything, it is the ideal place to relax and feel rejuvenated, treat them to one of Thyme's gift experiences; ‘The Pamper’ package, or their 'Half Day Spa Nurture' package both look wonderful! It is also an opportunity for you to see some of our soft natural paints in situ; 'Cuisse de Nymph Emue' (link) on some of the bedroom walls, 'Tea Green' (link) in the Meadow Spa.



The Mother of all Gifts

Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother is a local Herefordshire labour of love that we cannot get enough of, made purely from 300-year-old untouched apple orchards. There are apple cider vinegars and then there is Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar with The Mother....

So what's so special?

Each tree has remained untouched by modern day farming practices throughout its 300-year existence, and boasts exclusion from pesticides and artificial fertilisers. 

The hand-picked organic apples from picturesque Hereford orchards are gently pressed and allowed to naturally ferment making a gorgeous unfiltered cider. This cider, with the help of some fresh Herefordshire air can then work its magic, naturally fermenting into this 2018 Great Taste award winning vinegar. This natural transformation creates ‘The Mother’, a good and friendly bacteria which makes the vinegar cloudy and ‘cobwebby’. And that’s it.

It is rather a tradition here to make a delicious winter cocktail but this Christmas we are giving our guts a good start with the amazing rejuvenating detox tonic every morning. There are gift packs available on their website so you can share this healthy discovery with your nearest and dearest.



Posted: November 2018