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The Colourwomen's Choice

Salvesen Graham, founded by Nicole and Mary, are the newly risen stars in interior design. They bring a lovely fresh eye to traditional English decorating with a modern twist in classical interiors. Check out their beautiful website for inspiration and you will see the diversity of projects they have completed - there is no 'house style', they are brilliant at responding to their clients needs and tastes. They love colour and have chosen their favourite colours from the Edward Bulmer Natural Paint range.

Drab Green

"Despite the name we love this deep grown up green. It is a great alternative colour to the rich reds historically used in dining rooms, drawing rooms or studies. We have just painted our showroom green with a gloss top coating for added luxury, we love it!"

Drab referred originally to an un-dyed cloth (from the French drap) and its use in colour terminology came to mean a lightish brown. C18th century accounts refer to a drab green and we have taken this idea to mix a beautiful brown green in defiance of its name. I have seen this colour used by clients to create really grown up rooms with depth and self-assurance. Early on it was used as an all-over colour for paneling and just as then it can be a successful tone for a scheme that treats walls and trim as the same.

Cuisse de Nymphe Emue

"There has been a real trend for pink interiors recently and despite there being a lot of pinks available, it is surprisingly difficult to find one which provides that hint of pink but is also manageable. This shade does just this and it is husband friendly!"

It is a dusty pink with enough umber to avoid being too girly. It is still feminine though, so it is a really useful colour to peel back the masculine cloak that some houses take on. In fact, I borrowed it from the family rooms at Petworth where it had been chosen by Lord Egremont's mother and it was she that gave it its risqué name!

Posted: December 2017