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The Colourman's Choice: Glorious Green

Green, the universal colour!

There is a green for every season. This is because it can be so many shades and tonalities as it relies on a mixture of two primary colours. By varying the type or strength of the blue and yellow pigments you can influence the shade dramatically.

Our best-selling Eau de Nile (as shown in Through the Keyhole at Sutton Court) is a delicate shade that requires only a small amount of pigment to create a colour that dances in the light, between pale green and soft grey. At the other end of the spectrum is the old Georgian mainstay, Drab Green, which is a blend of Prussian blue, yellow ochre and raw umber.

All our greens give amazing atmosphere to rooms so you can choose a green for any mood, room function or aspect. The softer greens are beautiful bedroom colours but can be grown up enough for sitting rooms as well. Mid greens are a pleasure to eat with, look great on panelling and show off all sorts of art really well. Darker greens give intensity and respond well to artificial light; they also translate well to gloss paint for exterior joinery.

My favourite green of the moment is Granite Green as it has an earthy tonality that makes it a great combination with stone, wood and other natural materials. We used this recently for the Stair Hall of the Duchy of Cornwall HQ in London, giving extra significance to the name by painting the columns in imitation of Cornish granite!


Posted: April 2016

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