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Off the Christmas Tree - Edward's Ideas for Christmas

Bloom & Wild produce the most lovely bunches of flowers and have come up with the ingenious idea of flowers in a box which can go through the letterbox. Perfect for the student daughter who needs cheering up through the winter months but never seems to make it to the sorting office where an assortment of food parcels, forgotten clothing and text books clog up the shelves!!!


Thornback & Peel have a design and present for every member of the family, from bunny rabbits and cabbages, to peas in a pod, a glorious pear to the more traditional robin redbreast and Christmas tree. The range of products has grown beyond the kitchen staples to iPhone cases. These designs will never fail to please.



The perfect stocking filler for parents everywhere, written by our dear friend Peter Dunne. As his 50th birthday dawned, Peter Dunne had a life-changing conversation with a friend, the result of which is a book of letters from a father to his children, and though the stories are firmly set in a place and time, the themes and the tone are universal and timeless. From Compromise to Compassion, from Democracy to Sacrifice, THE 50 THINGS explores the social mores and morality of our time and tries to answer the eternal questions that line the path to peace of mind.




A year's membership to the Soane Museum, London's most idiosyncratic museum. The former home of Sir John Soane is a Pandora's box where antiquity meets Regency style. You cannot fail to be inspired by a visit.  Browse the newly updated shop for some unusual present ideas.



The best place to buy smoked products for Christmas is the Hebridian Smokehouse, they are delivered to your door from North Uist, off the west coast of Scotland. HS has been smoking locally reared and landed fish and shellfish for nearly 30 years. It is the combination of excellent fish and the expert team that has earned Hebridean Smokehouse a reputation for producing the very best smoked salmon - to quote the well chef and foodie and GBBO judge - Prue Leith, "it is the best in the world".

Do you know anyone who has a dog with bad manners, or no manners at all?  We have a little daschund, Lenny, who is the most indulged dog and has hitherto been quite easy to train but as he has reached teenagehood, he has discovered the joys of chasing everything, no matter how large and we have lost control!  My Christmas wish is for Lenny to have a stint at The Doghouse, dog heaven in remotest Wales, where he will be trained to come when we call. Mark and his team are pure genius with our canine friends and they conveniently run a dog bus service up the M4!

Posted: December 2017